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Diary of a social observer

Random titbits of rubbish

24 March
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Social Aesthetic Nihilist.
"primitive" cultures, abstract expressionism, adam parfrey, altered states, analysis, ancient cultures, androgyny, apocalypse culture, arpanet, art, artistic vision, avedon carol, avoiding conflict, awareness, bathtubs, being comfortable with people, being open-minded, being yourself, betty page, bisexuality, black light, bleeding, body modification, bondage, bones, branding, bruises, cats, chains, change, chaos vs. order, choice, chomsky, christopher just, client, coil, coloured lighting, communication, counter culture, creativity, cuddling, cult clothing & fashion, cult films, dada, dancing, deep conversations, deformations, dj's, drawing, drugs, eastern europe, ebm, electro, enduring physical pain, evolution, experiencing life, experimenting, exploration, eyes, facial structure, fetish, fetishists, fire, free will, freedom, funky hair, geishas, goldfrapp, goth fashion, idm, imperfection, industrial, inspiration, intelligence, interesting people, interpreting dreams, jamie lidell, japan, knowledge, laibach, languages, literature, lunz, mail art, making music, memory, metropolis, mia, michael moore, mobile phones, music, naomi klein, nature, night, nihilism., noise, noises, non, pacifism, painting, patterns, performing, philosophy, piercing, plants, play piercing, politics, psychic tv, questioning authority, questioning reality, rapid eye, re:search, respect, robots, sadomasochism, sakuras, scarification, scars, schizophrenia, scratching, self awareness, self discovery, sex, sexual exploration, sharp objects, silence, skin, stained glass, stretched piercings, suspension, tattoos, thinking, tim lawrence, travel, ugliness as beauty, ulrich schnauss, understanding, vector lovers, wings, world cinema, worn clothes, writing, x-men, yasume, yunx